Post Industrial Recycling (PIR)

Post Industrial Recycling (PIR)

Most recycled plastics come from post-industrial sources, i.e. they are produced directly in the product manufacturing phase. They therefore have the advantage of being able to be sorted by type. NGR recycling systems enable the upcycling of this waste for further production and thus make an important contribution to the environment.

Residual products left behind by the industrial production of plastic products are a high-quality and valuable raw material. To ensure that they can be fed back into production, we build recycling machines with maximum technological sophistication to handle this task flawlessly. When building these machines, we focus primarily on economic and environmental sustainability. NGR solutions preserve the full value of the material between input and output (zero-waste production) in addition to minimizing labor and energy expenditure. The benefits speak for themselves.

Put us to the test!

Your plastic waste is tomorrow’s raw material.

In our test centers, we will demonstrate to you the performance of NGR recycling machines using your raw materials. We’ll be pleased to show you the benefits in person.

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