Feed In

Feed In

Depending on the application and form of material, different feeding options are used. If necessary, dosing stations for additives can be installed downstream from the material shredding process.

Air separator

Air Seperator

The air separator is used in the production process to continuously recycle film edge trim, which is fed pneumatically into the machine. With “inline operation,” further material handling is unnecessary, and the NGR recycling machine is now fully automated.

Roll feeder

Roll Feeder

With variable feed speed, roll scrap is treated in a process-controlled manner. The virtually unmanned machine is fed continuously. The roll feeder can be operated at the same time with other types of feeding (e.g. conveyor belt).

Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt transports the feed material through a metal detector into the feed hopper. The belt is stopped automatically, if metallic matter is detected in order to remove it.

Dosing unit for additives

Dosing unit

Additives such as color pigments, CaCo3, compatibilizers can be added to the material flow in a process-controlled manner. Dosing systems for pellet and/or powdered additives are available.

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