A new system for Teufelberger

A new system for Teufelberger

The company Teufelberger Ges.m.b.H. located in Wels, Austria, recently invested in a second plastic recycling system from Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH and thus, after 15 years, remains loyal to the recycling specialist from the town of Feldkirchen.

Teufelberger GmbH was one of NGR’s first customers and has been with NGR almost from the very beginning. Back in 1998, this manufacturer of plastic strapping bands and baler twine bought the second system ever made by NGR. After about 60,000 operating hours and an average production output of 220 kg/h, the previous system S:GRAN 85 HD  has become somewhat obsolete for its sophisticated area of use, the re-granulation of highly enmeshed PP strapping bands and baler twine.

While Teufelberger looks forward to the new, highly advanced system, the old recycling system continues to operate in the European region for the simpler recycling of PO purgings. Process optimization by Teufelberger, which leads to minimized production waste, and innovations at NGR, particularly in extruder geometry and energy management, even made it possible for the company to select a smaller system with the same capacity.

New system

Perched in the middle of materials streaming in from several directions, the new, customized S:GRAN 75 HD has once again found its central spot in Teufelberger’s materials logistics system. Equipped with throughput scales, this system boasts a production capacity of 240 kg/h and sends the granulate directly to 4 silos with a capacity of about 20 m3. The homogenization or mixing is conducted directly at the production facility by a dosage station for the new material or re-granulate, respectively.  The recording of material data and integration into the operating data recording system is thereby fully automated.

“We are especially happy about the easy material handling, and we can recycle all polyolefins, which facilitates a waste-free production. We expect an even higher degree of automation from the automatic ON/OFF switch and even more process stability from improved sensor capacity in the system control,” says Patrick Lackner, Head of Industrial Engineering / Fibers+Plastics at Teufelberger.

Thanks to its in-house recycling, Teufelberger has full control over its waste management. Material logistics remains easy and the endless bands that are otherwise voluminous and therefore difficult to press and transport are thus correctly sorted and can be recycled immediately without prior crushing. “The re-granulate is very close to the new material in quality; the only limitation during reuse is with respect to the variety of color options,” Lackner continues to state.


The universal solution for industrial plastic waste


The newest generation of this high-efficiency recycling technology provides a significant increase in energy efficiency and additional improvements to output rate for sustainable plastic waste processing.


“Dump and Run”

An additional plus, which has long been in favor of a NGR system, is the easy handling of the machine. The personnel expenditures required for the recycling system are equivalent to just 25% of a full-time employee’s capacity; this employee primarily needs to ensure the system is fed. Because the material fill level in the hopper is continuously measured by the control system, conveyor belt loading can be discontinuous. NGR calls this benefit the “Dump and Run” operation. The amount of time needed to train machine operators has also been significantly reduced compared to the old system.

Another special feature of this system is the waste heat tunnel feature that the customer requested in order to also utilize the 110-150°C waste heat. A waste heat concept is in the works – an additional step taken by Teufelberger to make the company even more energy efficient.

And this is another goal that the Wels-based company has in common with Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH, which may ensure that the cordial customer/supplier relationship will last another 15 years.

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