E:GRAN on duty in Spain

E:GRAN on duty in Spain

60.000 Operating Hours and still working precisely

Barcelona, Spain – 2015

EMOSA PLASTICS, S. A. was established 1989 and focuses on producing tailor-made films. The main process is blow-moulding of PE-films between 9 and 30μm. The films are transformed into tapes for self-closing rubbish bags, shopping bags (with or without punched handles) and tear-off bags.

The E:GRAN was installed in 2007 and is transferring edge-trims and other production-waste into valuable rPellets, which are directly introduced into the main process again. Between 4 and 10% of the rPellets are mixed with virgin-material prior to blow moulding. The generation of the rPellets, through the E:GRAN, avoids temperature-peaks, for maintaining the material-properties. The unit runs in 24 hour shifts.

 “Due to intuitive machine-settings, we do not require highly specialized personnel to run the equipment,” states Sr. Josep Vinals, the proud Catalan company owner. “Prior to setting the E:GRAN into operation, we have tested two other brands and could not achieve the high quality of rPellets, as with the E:GRAN. Most surprising for us at EMOSA, was the extreme precise performance over so many years of operation. Since we purchased the recycling-line, we have been operating it for more than 60.000 hours – accurate and reliable, like a Swiss timepiece.”


The compact repelletizing solution for any type of film


A space-saving design, an energy-efficient drive and simple, intuitive operation. These are all features of E:GRAN, the re-processing technology for thermoplastic film edge trims and roll scraps.


Production of rPellets out of film edge trims and other production-scrap with E:GRAN series (Chopper-feeder-extruder combination)

Working principle

Plastic film and film edge trim are chopped directly in the extruder feed section. The conically shaped conveying area of the screw compresses the material as it enters the extruder.

In the extruder, the material is brought to a uniform melt temperature and subsequently pelletized. The feed section (where the material is chopped), conveying area and the extruder all lie along a single shaft. The resulting design requires only one energy-efficient drive.

All the components are positioned in close proximity to prevent oxidation of the material and to make optimal use of heat from the chopping process.

All models in the E:GRAN series feature this patented chopper-feeder-extruder combination.

ONE-STEP technology

In a single process step, the film edge trim is chopped directly in the extruder feed section and fed into the extruder.

High performance for a small space requirement

With its compact design, the system can be installed in areas of limited space and its versatility also allows it to be integrated at a later time in the main process.

One-button automatic ON/OFF control

Convenient start-up and shutdown; restart after unplanned shutdown in less than two minutes with full extruder; the control system provides for smooth start-up of equipment components

For automatic inline production

Automatic response to differences in quantity when processing edge trim ensures consistent pellet quality.

Put us to the test!

Your plastic waste is tomorrow’s raw material.

In our test centers, we will demonstrate to you the performance of NGR recycling machines using your raw materials. We’ll be pleased to show you the benefits in person.

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