New Partnership with GreenTech Plastics Machinery

New Partnership with GreenTech Plastics Machinery

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10. November 2023

NGR Expands Presence in Southern Africa: New Partnership with Safrique International and GreenTech Plastics Machinery

The interest and demand for high-quality pellets in the plastic recycling industry continue to grow in the African market. In order to meet these needs, Next Generation Recycling Machines (NGR) is intensifying its activities in Southern Africa through a strategic collaboration with Safrique International and GreenTech Plastics Machinery.


Through this extended collaboration, NGR deepens its relationship with customers in Southern Africa. GreenTech will provide the best service on-site and strengthen NGR’s activities in the customer consultation with additional experts specifically for the Southern African market.

GreenTech Plastics Machinery is known for importing, commissioning, and maintaining top-of-the-line injection molding machines and additional equipment developed in Europe. The company is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has a strong presence in Southernern and Eastern Africa. With highly skilled service technicians who install and maintain the equipment, GreenTech offers energy-efficient solutions that save time and money for their customers. GreenTech has a wide range of consumables, sourcing and delivering plastic machine parts quickly and efficiently to minimize production delays.

The increased demand for plastic recyclates in Africa was recently demonstrated by two major NGR machine installations in Angola and Nigeria. In Angola, a plant with an annual capacity of around 11,000 tons of plastic waste was installed, and in Nigeria, a plant with a recycling annual capacity of around 18,000 tons of plastic waste was installed to ensure top-quality granules. Both plants were equipped with a melt filtration system from the company BritAs and have been operating successfully since then.

The experienced service team from GreenTech will now also take care of NGR’s customers in Africa to ensure maximum operating times. Together with a dedicated sales team, NGR will be able to offer even more customized recycling solutions for customers in Southern Africa quickly.

The proven partnership with Safrique International, with which NGR has been successfully operating in selected countries in Africa for eight years, will of course continue. Safrique is a renowned export trading company and distribution partner for local and international manufacturers of virgin materials, recycled plastic polymers, as well as specialty additives and color masterbatches in over 30 countries South  of the Sahara.

Safrique sources PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) raw materials from various parts of the world and welcomes collaboration with new recyclers from Europe. Each additional NGR installation in Africa represents a new source of top-quality regranulates for Safrique.


The recent installations of three recycling machines for in-house recycling in South Africa are further evidence of the growing demand and success of an enhanced presence in the Southern African market. “We are pleased to address the challenges in plastic recycling in Southern Africa with Safrique International and GreenTech Plastics Machinery. Through this local service partnership, our customers will benefit enormously, and we are able to offer tailored solutions for them,” says Sven Ortner, Area Sales Manager for Africa at NGR.


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Photo (NGR): Handshale Safrique, NGR and Greentech (from left to right: Patrick Rutaha, Sales Manager Safrique, Mervyn Moodley, CEO Safrique,  Sven Ortner, Area Sales Manager NGR, Patrick Bracke, Managing Director GreenTech, JC Jonker, Head of Sales GreenTech)

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