NEXT GENERATION GROUP investing in HydroDyn

NEXT GENERATION GROUP investing in HydroDyn

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28. July 2023

NEXT GENERATION GROUP invests in HydroDyn, expanding its presence in the plastic recycling market

NEXT GENERATION GROUP, a leading provider of unique plastic life solutions, acquires a majority share in HydroDyn, a renowned technology provider specializing in plastic waste cleaning and purifying. This strategic partnership solidifies the group´s commitment to offering comprehensive plastic recycling solutions, particularly in the field of post-consumer recycling.

Under the terms of the agreement, HydroDyn will retain its operational independence while working closely with NEXT GENERATION GROUP, by using a high synergy potential. This collaboration will allow both companies to leverage their expertise and resources to deliver comprehensive and efficient end-to-end plastic recycling solutions that address the evolving needs of customers in the recycling machinery market. The shared objective is to prioritize the attainment of specific polymer characteristics that are essential for a diverse array of commodity applications, in order to effectively substitute virgin plastics.

“By joining forces with HydroDyn, NEXT GENERATION GROUP is well-positioned to meet the increasing demand for integrated plastic recycling solutions,” stated Josef Hochreiter, CEO of Next Generation Holding GmbH. “HydroDyn’s proven track record and innovative technology make them an ideal partner as we strive to lead the way in driving sustainable recycling practices.”

The acquisition provides HydroDyn with access to NEXT GENERATION GROUP´s extensive global network, unlocking new opportunities for growth and expansion. Michael Hofmann, CEO of HydroDyn, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “Joining the group not only gives us access to a world-class network but also provides the financial backing and stability needed to realize our ambitious growth plans. Together, we can make a greater impact on plastic waste reduction.”

NEXT GENERATION GROUP is renowned for its cutting-edge plastic life solutions, and this acquisition further solidifies its position as a leader in the industry. With a strong focus on innovation, the group is committed to delivering sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling solutions that contribute to a circular economy.

The partnership between HydroDyn and the NEXT GENERATION GROUP reinforces their market position and benefits both companies. By leveraging their expertise and pooling resources, they are able to offer holistic solutions for post-consumer recycling. This collaboration enables them to address the entire lifecycle of plastic materials, from product design to the recycling process. By integrating their capabilities, HydroDyn and the NEXT GENERATION GROUP are at the forefront of promoting sustainable practices and closing the loop in the plastic value chain.


NEXT GENERATION GROUP – advancing circular plastic value chain with innovative technologies

NEXT GENERATION GROUP, an Austrian company founded in 2014 in Feldkirchen/Donau, is driving the circular plastic value chain forward with its innovative technologies.

The group brings together a wealth of knowledge and technologies that cover the entire product lifecycle under one roof. Comprising independent entities such as NGR, NGE, and shares in the NGA group including COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions, BritAS, and COMELT, the group offers innovative solutions ranging from product design to advanced recycling, aiming to close the loop and keep plastic in circulation.

By integrating sustainable solutions into the entire product lifecycle, the group strives to create a more sustainable future for plastic materials.

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HydroDyn is a leading engineering company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with a R&D and technology center in Schwerin, Germany. Established in 2015 as a start-up, HydroDyn specializes in providing advanced plastic waste treatment solutions centered around its core cleaning and purifying technologies, based on its unique HydroCleaner. With a team of 40 dedicated professional in mechanical, process and process water engineering, HydroDyn offers expertise and cutting-edge technology to address the challenges of plastic waste material preparation for mechanical and chemical recycling. The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation aligns with its mission to contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy by transforming plastic waste into valuable feedstock resources.

For more information about HydroDyn, please visit:

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