NGR’s LSP-Technology revolutionizes PET bottle-to-bottle recycling in Japan: A triumph with Altech New Materials

NGR’s LSP-Technology revolutionizes PET bottle-to-bottle recycling in Japan: A triumph with Altech New Materials

Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR), leading manufacturer of plastic recycling machines, has achieved a significant milestone in the Japanese market with the successful implementation of its PET bottle-to-bottle solution for Altech New Materials Co., Ltd. This ground-breaking project marks the first time an LSP (Liquid State Polycondensation) plant has been commissioned in Japan’s high-tech industry, revolutionizing PET recycling and setting new standards for sustainability and quality.

Altech New Materials adopts LSP-Technology for PET recycling excellence.

Located in Fukui, Japan, Altech New Materials is part of the esteemed Altech Co., Ltd. group of companies. The company produces and sells preforms for plastic bottles, catering to the ever-growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions. In their quest to further enhance their commitment to sustainability, Altech New Materials sought a reliable and efficient PET recycling solution. Their search led them to NGR and their state-of-the-art LSP-Process.

The NGR system provided Altech New Materials with a complete PET recycling plant capable of producing food-grade PET regranulate. The plant operates by utilizing washed post consumer bottle flakes as its input material, which undergoes a remarkable transformation through NGR’s LSP- Process. During this process, the IV value of the material is increased to 0.8 and maintained consistently, ensuring the production of PET regranulate of the highest quality.

NGR’s LSP-Process: efficiency, outstanding cleaning performance, and food-grade compliance

The heart of this successful project lies in the proven NGR LSP-Technology. In this advanced process, all impurities are removed from the PET melt during the liquid phase, guaranteeing compliance with the strict requirements for food packaging. The LSP-Process produces EFSA- and FDA-compliant products with outstanding results, ensuring the highest levels of purity and safety in the recycled PET material.

Compared to conventional systems, the NGR LSP-Process offers several advantages. It provides a more energy-efficient and superior physical purification process, resulting in better melt quality. Additionally, the NGR system features inline measurement and automated control of the vacuum unit, which allows for the continuous monitoring and control of the intrinsic viscosity (iV value). This capability ensures that the material quality is precisely tailored to the customer’s requirements, and the constancy of the iV value is maintained, which is crucial for downstream production.

The NGR LSP-Process eliminates the need for time-consuming batch production and expensive additional processes. Unlike conventional methods, there is no requirement for the addition of nitrogen or similar substances to increase the iV value. NGR’s cutting-edge technology streamlines the PET recycling process, enabling Altech New Materials to achieve remarkable efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

CEO Norihiro Chono’s and Altech New Materials’ Commitment to Excellence

CEO Norihiro Chono has been instrumental in Altech New Materials’ decision to collaborate with NGR, recognizing the exceptional decontamination performance offered by the LSP-Process. Chono emphasizes the removal of almost all hazardous substances, which has exceeded their expectations. He states, “We are extremely satisfied with the results achieved through our collaboration with NGR and the implementation of their LSP process. The exceptional decontamination performance and consistent quality of the recycled PET material have exceeded our expectations. By utilizing NGR’s technology, we have successfully established a complete PET recycling plant that not only meets the highest food-grade standards but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

Altech is highly satisfied with the results of the PET recycling solution provided by NGR.


“Leveraging NGR’s decade-long experience with the LSP-Technology, P:REACT has demonstrated reliable operation and consistently delivers top-quality results, meeting our requirements for food-grade PET regranulate. This proven combination of expertise and cutting-edge technology has been pivotal in the success of our project.”

Norihiro Chono, Chairman & CEO from Altech Group

The partnership between NGR and Altech New Materials has brought remarkable advancements to the Japanese PET recycling market. With the successful implementation of the P:REACT PET recycling plant, Altech New Materials has demonstrated its unwavering dedication to producing top-quality, food-grade PET regranulate while upholding sustainability standards. NGR’s LSP process has proven to be an energy-efficient, physically superior, and highly effective method for PET purification. As Altech New Materials continues to showcase the efficacy of the LSP system to its customers, the future of PET recycling in Japan looks brighter than ever. Together, NGR and Altech New Materials are spearheading a new era of innovation and sustainability in the global PET recycling industry.


About NGR:

The Upper Austrian Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR) is member of the NEXT GENERATION GROUP and a leading manufacturer of innovative plastic recycling technologies, pushing the boundaries of technological advancements in the field. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, NGR delivers state-of-the-art solutions for the efficient and environmentally friendly recycling of plastics. By providing cutting-edge technologies such as the LSP process, NGR continues to revolutionize the recycling industry, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of their customers.


About Altech New Materials:

Altech New Materials Co., Ltd., a member of the Altech Co., Ltd. group of companies, is a prominent Japanese manufacturer of preforms for plastic bottles. Dedicated to sustainability and delivering top-quality products, Altech New Materials strives to be at the forefront of the packaging industry. By embracing NGR’s LSP process, the company has taken a significant step towards a greener future, ensuring the highest standards of recycling and sustainability in their operations.

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