Success Story in the World of Sustainable Film Solutions

Success Story in the World of Sustainable Film Solutions

We are delighted to offer you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our sustainable film production at the RKW Group in Hoogstraten, Belgium. Here, the perfect synergy of innovation and sustainability becomes a reality. Our partnership with WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH sets new standards in the sustainable film cycle.

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In this remarkable collaboration, our F:GRAN, in conjunction with the W5.18 single-shaft shredder, plays a key role in the processing of pre-shredded plastic, primarily from washing facilities. The flakes, even in uneven sizes, are processed with consistently high throughput. The F:GRAN Feeder-Extruder Combination stands out for its gentle material treatment and efficiently processes pre-shredded material from washing facilities. The flakes to be processed are constantly circulated in a silo of up to 30 m3 through rotors, preventing unpleasant bridging from the outset.

We are proud to be part of this innovative solution, which is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. The RKW Group and WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH have allowed us, through their trust and collaboration, to achieve remarkable milestones in the world of sustainable film solutions. Together, we continue to strive to raise standards in sustainable production and have a positive impact on the environment.

 Many thanks to the RKW Group for this inspiring behind-the-scenes journey and the opportunity to work together towards a sustainable future.

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