Chinaplas 2019

Chinaplas 2019

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7. June 2019

NGR @ Chinaplas 2019

Last week Chinaplas 2019 closed its doors in Guangzhou with a record 163,314 visitors. The international audience with about 25% visitors also outside China showed great interest in intelligent and future-oriented plastics recycling technologies.

The realisation of “Zero-Waste Productions” for waste from plastics processing and the production of high-quality plastic pellets are also very popular in Southeast Asia.

The innovative PET recycling process “Liquid State Polycondensation (LSP)” also showed enormous economic potential, where PET materials in the liquid phase are upgraded for further direct processing into PET products or for rPET pellets production in the desired quality also for food applications.

The fact that the Chinese plastics industry would also like to support the transition from a linear to a circular economy with the aim of preserving plastics as a valuable material for future generations relying on the technology leader NGR was a welcome development.

With 5 new plants in the Asian region, the fair was also a great economic success for NGR.

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